2017 April, 24th

ELVIRA introduces new ultra low phase noise 100 MHz crystal oscillator


The new flagship of Russian spectrum analyzers — SK4-BELAN 500M

The ELVIRA high performance spectrum analyzer family has been expanded with the addition of the new 50 GHz model with 1.85 mm precision connector. This 50 GHz flagship spectrum analyzer does not sacrifice any of the outstanding performance features inherent in the previously introduced models. It comes with superb phase noise (<-110 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset from 50 GHz), extraordinarily high TOI and world class sensitivity.

The new NLJD LORNET-STAR sets benchmarks of performance and configurability

LORNET-STAR is the world's first NLJD featuring unrivalled configurability options along with a built-in spectrum analysis function. This NLJD is a true cut above the competition thanks to its innovative design which allows to quickly swap transmitter heads with different probing frequencies (800 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz) depending on a specific operator's application. With LORNET-STAR the user can virtually get three different NLJD's at his disposal at a price of just one conventional unit. 

The new oven controlled 100 MHz crystal oscillator features ultra-low phase noise performance

The new OCXO is designed with 100 MHz output frequency and ultra-low phase noise  (<-140 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and <-174 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset). It features temperature stability of better than 5x10E-8. The oscillator comes in two versions: standard unit with an output power of +15 dBm and high power option with an output power of +29 dBm. Such an oscillator is a key component for low phase noise frequency synthesis in various commercial and military applications.

COFDM video transmitter in a robust IP67 design 

The new compact COFDM transmitter module features a new robust design to comply with IP67 standard which makes it suitable for field applications even under the most rigorous conditions. The transmitter has an integrated video recorder and remote control receiver and meets all DVB-T requirements. The device's amazingly compact size and light weight do not compromise its performance and functionality.

New Noise Figure Measurement Wizzard Software

The new software for SK4-BELAN 240M/400M greatly simplifies setting up noise figure measurements on amplifiers and particularly on frequency converting devices which have been traditionally prone to operator's errors. The software dialogue system with built-in prompts and tips allows the user to easily determine the DUT frequency plan, to connect and configure external signal sources, to upload ENR tables as well as S2P files of filters and matching networks and to calculate and display the residual measurement unertainty.     


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